Expand your reach with video game localization

Video games are a cultural phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity. In recent years, the gaming industry has grown from a niche hobby to a multi-billion-dollar industry. With this growth comes change, but also challenges to adapt your games to your global audience. Localizing your video game will help you better reach your audience in countries that speak different languages than yours.

So, let’s explore what video game localization is and how it might benefit your business!

What is game localization?

Video game localization is a process by which the text, audio and, sometimes, video elements of your product are adapted so that they suit any language or culture. It might seem like a simple-sounding concept, but it is rather complex to ensure that every player in each region feels like they’re playing their own version of the game, made just for them.

Expand your reach

Why should you limit yourself to a single market if you can target a more significant number of players simultaneously and expand into new markets?

There’s a good chance that your customers have played games from all over the world. At times, they might have been wondering why some of those games are in English and not their native language.That is because the games have not been localized for international markets.

This is why an effective strategy for your business is localization through culturalization which allows the adaptation of your game into the language of a culture that is important to you. Now, think about it- by optimizing your product you make it more accessible to your target audience.

Build Trust & Improve Brand Image

Video games are a universal language so getting localization right is so important! The goal is for players from around the world to not face any language barriers when playing their favourite game. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

By ensuring that all players can enjoy the same experience, they will feel more connected to your brand and more engaged with your game. Not only that, but it will also improve your brand image and help you expand your fan-base.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Designing a video game for international audiences is an extremely challenging task, but it can lead to great results. Video game localization can help you appeal to a wider range of potential customers because it allows the player, wherever they are in the world or whichever language they speak, to be able to enjoy and play your games!

And here’s a little secret- not many brands nor competitors will put in the effort of translating their games. For you, this means gaining the upper hand in offering a service that doesn’t just target nationally, but also internationally.

So, going multilingual?

Video game localization should be done by professional translators with cultural background knowledge, who are able to adjust for cultural references in order to successfully deliver a gaming experience tailored for each specific player base.

Bear in mind that the last thing you want is for your games or apps to become outdated by using old translation. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your localization provider uses a robust system for revising and proofreading translations, so you can be sure they are always up-to-date.

At GTH we are ready to empower your brand to keep up with the trends in the gaming industry. We know you want to stay relevant and we have what it takes to ensure you do.

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