5 Reasons why localization is crucial for your Global e-commerce Brand

5 Reasons why localization is crucial for your Global e-commerce brand

Back in the 1960s and ’70s, Pepsi had a successful marketing campaign in the US, with the slogan “Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!” However, their localization was clumsy at best overseas. Their efforts at localization in China was mistranslated resulting in a slightly more morbid slogan that meant, “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead!” Their German localization translated literally as “Rise from the grave with Pepsi!” Meanwhile, Scandinavian company Electrolux’ campaign slogan “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” from the ‘70s achieved legendary status.

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy!

While this type of awkward localization is comical, it can have real world implications. These days, customers have high expectations when it comes to content in their own language. According to a paper by CSA suitably titled Can’t Read, Won’t Buy, 76% of consumers in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America prefer shopping in their own language, while 40% refuse to buy from a website in a foreign language.

Localization is more than translation!

Professional localization is essential for taking your ecommerce brand global. However, localization is more than simply translating your content into another language. Once you understand the local nuances and customer profiles, you can exponentially boost your sales.

Here are five reasons why you need to spend time and effort on proper localization:

1. Make your brand trustworthy!

Shoppers are more likely to purchase (and repurchase) on sites that they deem “professional”. Whether they are buying gadgets, household items, clothes or baby products, the more trust they have, the more likely they are to spend.
For example, realistic social proof is essential in brand trust and awareness. Not only do your products need descriptions in the local language, the testimonials and comments, and even external reviews need to be localized and as accurate as possible.

2. Reach untapped markets!

Even though the world is increasingly globalized, some markets are still untapped for certain products. However, your customers may be familiar with a product, without ever having bought it online. They may be used to expensive prices from local retailers that do not match international rates which you can offer. With a clever marketing strategy, you could become the pioneer and market leader.

3. Compete with local brands!

Whichever market you enter, you will probably have at least some competition from local brands. Many markets are already swamped with local offers. Without good localization, you will always be a step behind the players already on the scene. By investing in making your content local, you will also be able to compete against other international brands looking to swoop in on the market.

4. Localize and boost your SEO!

Localization affects SEO beyond keywords alone. Global audiences favour content in their own language, and search engines are well aware of this. By having localized, natural content, you already have improved performances on SERPs. Quality content will decrease your bounce rates, boost user interaction and drive sales. If that content contains the correct sets of keywords, even better!

5. Boost your ROI!

ROI is what it’s all about and as long as customers trust, understand and appreciate your content, they will be more likely to make a purchase. The effects of localization on your sales cannot be understated. In order to thrive on a global stage, you need content that is adapted to your customers’ needs.

Professional content localization is an investment in your brand’s future in any market and not a waste of time and money. The more you understand the local market, the better your traffic, trust and ROI will be.

Localization is more than simply changing your content into another language. It is getting to know and understand your market and adapting your tone, style, payment options, offers, and more to the customers’ needs. It is an essential part of marketing, and ultra-important for your SEO.

Get in touch with the localization specialists at GTH for your ecommerce localization needs.

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